The Rehab South Osteoporosis Center of Excellence is here for you! Up to 50 percent of women and men over age 50 have or will develop osteoporosis. As professional partners with the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), we know most affected people will suffer a related fracture in their lifetime, often with devastating results.

The Osteoporosis Center of Excellence for Treatment and Education, the future of osteoporosis treatment is here!!

Rehab South's Osteoporosis Center of Excellence will help you become pro-active in treating your osteoporosis, reducing fear through knowledge.

Do you want to have the latest edge in education and treatment to combat osteoporosis? Ask your doctor to send you to us!

Osteoporosis can be fatal. Statistics show that 36 percent of men and 24 percent of women die within one year of a hip fracture. Let us show you how to prevent or reverse the odds of this happening to you.

FREE Bone Density Screenings/Consultations. Our expertise is in helping your doctor help you! Medication and calcium are not enough to give you the maximum edge for fighting this disease. Education, understanding and proper exercise training are your greatest tools. Crucial exercise can sound so easy and be so difficult and walking is not nearly enough! Our Education and Physical Therapy Programs are tailored to each individual's needs. We will deal with pain, balance, posture, muscle strengthening, and weight bearing exercise to rebuild bone mass. You will benefit from being taught to exercise properly without fear of injury. You will develop a better quality of life.

Online resources for more information about osteoporosis:
What You Need To Know About Osteoporosis from the American Physical Therapy Association

National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF)

NOF Survey Shows Few Women Believe They Are at Risk for Osteoporosis, Despite Staggering Prevalence Numbers

Are you at risk for osteoporosis?
• Female: small, thin frame
• Male: small, thin frame
• Smoker
• Over 40 years old
• Family history of osteoporosis
• Related medical conditions
• Early menopause or amenorrheas
• Digestive (absorption) problems
• Lifestyle: insufficient exercise, calcium intake
• Decreased hormone levels: male or female

• Free screenings and consultations
• Insurance coverage evaluated and filed
• Medicare/private insurance providers
• Up-to-date information on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise

Rehab South is one of the few independently owned physical therapy clinics in the Chattanooga area. We are focused on compassionate care that achieves optimal outcomes. Rehab South utilizes state of the art treatment techniques and equipment in a cost effective manner. Under the direction of a physician, Rehab South uses a hands-on approach enabling patients to progress to a quality of life encompassing their highest potential for health and function.

Basic Services include:
• Outpatient orthopedics with focus on manual treatment
• Aquatic therapy monitored by a certified aquatic therapist
• Licensed massage therapist

Our Specialized Programs include:
• Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Post Polio and Lymphedema programs
• Chronic Pain Management
• Fall, Balance and Gait Training
• Chronic Headache Management
• Pulmonary/Cardiac Rehab
• Orthopedic Manual Therapy by certified provider

Rehab South is a Medicare provider and approved for most major insurance plans. Rehab South offers a full range of physical therapy services including having a certified aquatic therapist on staff.

Charlie Jones, MS, PT, COMT, Clinic Director and Owner



What We Offer

Pre-hire agility screening
Workman’s comp rehabilitation
OSHA level injury prevention instruction
Work-site evaluation or ergonomic analysis/functional capacity evaluation
Concierge service with rehabilitation services a priority
Multiple locations for treatment
Massage therapy available
Same day service
State of the art facility – electronic medical records
Licensed managers at each location
Services provided at all locations by appropriately trained, caring, helpful, compassionate providers.

The Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence for Treatment and Education, the state of the art treatment for fibromyalgia is here!!

The Rehab South Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence is now open for you! This year, several million Americans, mostly women, will go to their doctors complaining of an illness for which they have no name. The majority will be sent to an average of four more doctors before they receive the correct diagnosis ... fibromyalgia.

Rehab South's Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence will help you learn about all aspects of fibromyalgia, helping you be pro-active in your treatment.

Do you want to have the latest edge in education and treatment to combat fibromyalgia?
Ask your doctor to send you to us!


Rehab South uses state of the art hydrotherapy with our AquaCiser II Underwater Treadmill. More than just an underwater treadmill, the AquaCiser II uses the water's natural buoyancy – and resistance to provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment. With the AquaCiser II, patients otherwise limited by pain, weakness, or weight-bearing restrictions, can begin to develop strength much earlier in the rehabilitative process.

We have a certified aquatic therapist on staff. Adjustable water temperature, depth, treadmill direction, speed and hydro-jets allow us to customize aquatic therapy for each individual patient.

The AquaCiser II offers easy access for patients with limited mobility. Once the patient is comfortably seated, the chamber is filled with warm water. An automatic chlorine system ensures a sanitized water supply. We test the water supply daily and disinfect the exercise chamber after each patient use.

The Rehab South Rehabilitation Center of Excellence is a therapist owned multi-disciplined outpatient clinic serving the greater Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive physical therapy rehabilitation and education to combat musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disease processes. Our scientific, evidence based programs are for osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and post polio.

Our physical therapy facility offers full range aquatic and physical rehabilitation therapies. Under the direction of a physician, treatment programs are individually determined and adjusted to meet all of your physical rehabilitation needs. While we address the basic physical therapy issues, we also have specialized programs designed to address specific diagnosis.

Our services include:
• General Physical Therapy
• Aquatic Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Education

RehabSouth Questions?

If you have questions about RehabSouth, it's staff or services, please let us know!